September 18, 2021

Viritech issues a call to action for hydrogen in the United Kingdom

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According to Viritech, adopting clean hydrogen innovation to power road, air, and marine transportation offers the UK a major potential to retake a global engineering pioneering role, create an economic premium, and secure a key environmental dividend. The firm makes the case in its Call to Action for accelerated public and private sector commitment to groundbreaking technology with the potential to restore the UK’s leadership role in the automotive industry while also making a strong dedication to decarbonizing the difficult-to-reduce heavy freight segments of the transportation mix.

“Hydrogen is a critical component of the zero-emissions puzzle,” said Jay Nagley, a seasoned automotive pundit from Viritech. “Batteries cannot do everything, and there are many use cases, particularly in heavy freight applications like heavy cargo vehicles, where batteries solely are not the answer to replacing fossil fuels. A dual-track method combining hydrogen and batteries, on the other hand, offers a full range of possibilities for achieving this goal. While batteries will be the primary source of growth in the early 2020s, the hydrogen powertrains will become the primary source of growth in the late 2020s.”

Viritech is pushing the government to prioritize investment in hydrogen technology, which has the potential to generate £18 billion in GVA as well as generate up to 75,000 employments in the United Kingdom by 2035 so that the United Kingdom can assume a leading position based on its deep legacy in automotive prototype engineering. “As a country, we have done a commendable job of not just developing lithium-ion technology and expanding battery technology, but our gigafactory potential lags behind other European countries like France and Germany in regards of both timing and quantum,” Timothy Lyons, Viritech’s Founder, stated. “Hydrogen provides the UK with the opportunity to lead in an economically and environmentally essential technology, utilizing our incredible domestic automotive engineering prowess. In our call to action today, we explained why this is crucial and how we might become global leaders in hydrogen technology.”

Viritech’s call to action lays out a plan for the UK to gain a competitive advantage in the rapidly growing field of hydrogen technologies. Furthermore, the continuously recyclable, scalable power storage that hydrogen provides aligns with the United Kingdom’s leadership obejctives for hosting COP26 in November of this year. Viritech develops breakthrough technologies such as structural graphene pressure vessels, integrated hydrogen powertrains, vehicle control systems,and high-performance energy storage to enable hydrogen use in automotive, aircraft, maritime, and distributed power generation.

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