October 16, 2021

Tunisia: GIZ’s plant to launch a platform to monitor green energy projects

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Tunisia is one of the countries in Africa that is working on the net-zero emission plan. With these measures, Tunisia can prevent all the challenging climatic changes. In the recent announcement, GIZ, Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit is planning on launching a digital platform to monitor private projects for the production of renewable energy In Tunisia. It has been working under a timeline of 26th February 2021, which is the last day that local companies can apply for the digital platform.

The founder of this digital platform is the GIZ which is a German international development agency. Its main goal is to improve the monitoring of green energy sources. Call for tenders initiative is a part of the support system behind the Tunisian Solar Plan project. The project is a joint venture between Tunisia and Germany. In the recent report, local companies have until 26th February 2021 to register for the initiative. The call for tenders’ initiative is under the management of GIZ alongside various ministries in Tunisia, including Mines, Energy, and Industry. The APST represents the Tunisian ministries. With this approach, GIZ can show concern and support for the Tunisian solar plan.

Tunisian Solar plan was founded in 2015 by the Tunisian government law, and its next phase was in 2016, which includes implementation modalities. This project aims to reach a target of 30% power energy from renewable energy sources by 2030. Currently, figures show that electric power in Tunisia from renewable sources is 3%, while electric power’s significant share comes from gas power plans.

This project will come in handy as the world works to reduce the use of gas energy and settle for renewable energy. Tunisian solar plan management and implementation team include the IPP, Independent electricity producers. IPP has won many awards in the country due to its commitment to this project. It comprises three solar power plans with a maximum of 360 MWp, including Tozeur for 60 MWp, Tataouine 240 MWp, and Sidi Bouzid 60 MWp. Some popular companies in the country and the world have signed up power purchase agreements with the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company.

With the statics and incentives available, the Tunisian Solar Plan will turn things around regarding renewable energy. It is the best strategic plan to help Tunisia achieve its target to have 30% of its electricity from renewable energy sources. And this digital monitor platform from GIZ makes things easier for all. It will help monitor all the running projects for their green energy ability.

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