October 16, 2021

A Mayor Donates His 2021 Salary Of 28000 Euros To Combat Covid

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A mayor donates his 2021 salary of 28,000 euros to combat covid-19: “We have to set an example”. It is about José Miguel Benítez, the first mayor of Quer (Guadalajara), where the PP governs.

The last ordinary plenary session held in Quer ( Guadalajara ) approved a motion presented by the Popular Group where it was requested that the budget for the salary of the mayor, José Miguel Benítez , for 2021 – currently about 28,000 euros – could be used to cover other expenses derived from the pandemic or in what the plenary session considers.

CoronavirusReceive daily in your email the latest news, keys and data to keep up to date with all the news.Sign up for free. This motion went ahead with the four votes in favor of the Popular Group , including the mayor’s vote, and the two votes against the opposition, the City Council reported in a press release.

By virtue of this agreement, as of February 28, the mayor of Quer will no longer receive a salary for the performance of his duties during the year 2021.

“As I have said many times, I do not live from politics and during these almost six years that I have been mayor I have demonstrated it. I have only received a salary from the City Council for a year and a half . I think that those of us who are in charge of the municipalities have to give example “, has indicated the first mayor of this population, in which 850 people live.

From his point of view, today there are many people who are having a hard time financially because of the health crisis. “For this reason, just as we always ask for everyone’s effort to get out of this situation, we must make an additional effort .”

“Of course, I want to make it clear that I will not collect from any public administration, or from any political party during this year, and I will do what I have been doing all my life to work for a living,” says Benítez.

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