October 16, 2021

Goya Will Have A Hybrid Gala 2021

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Antonio Banderas has it clear. The 35 Goya awards gala will be the covid gala. This morning, at the presentation of the event at the Film Academy, Banderas and María Casado, co-presenters, directors and scriptwriters of the gala, have specified the format: “The Goya are the festival of filmmakers and a television program. Unfortunately the first cannot be held, luckily the second can.

The nominees will attend telematically, although there will be a show. And each winner will be able to thank and celebrate their award live. We know that we have the understanding of our colleagues ”. The decision was formalized just before the press conference, after approval by the Academy’s board of directors.

The ceremony will take place in Malaga on March 6. It is the 35th edition, and even before the pandemic it was going to be held in Valencia, as a commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Luis García Berlanga. The hometown of the director of Plácido y El verdugo will host the awards in 2022.

According to the president of the Academy, Mariano Barroso, “we want to celebrate this year’s work with all the necessary sanitary precautions; we also celebrate the television gala for our audience. They will be exceptionally responsible and careful Goyas. The health situation changes every day. We have to be exemplary with our public ”.

Physically, it will be held at the Soho Caixabank Theater, and everyone present will undergo PCR tests. Banderas has chosen his words carefully to explain why there will be Goyas yes or yes. “There is an inherent will of the human being to live, and to live is not only to exist, but also to celebrate the rituals.

It is a hybrid gala. We want not only to take care of the health of the participants, but to send a message of discipline and tribute to those who fight in the front row against covid-19. I don’t like the word improvisation, I prefer adaptation. And we are in that process.

It will be a special gala, it will be the covid gala. And I asked my colleagues for understanding this morning, because I understand that if it is the first time you are nominated, you are experiencing a special moment … but we are responsible ”.

The schedule in which it will take place is not known either, due to the changing curfew (tomorrow the city of Malaga closes all non-essential spaces), and “it must be taken into account that in a television show there are people working,” said Banderas, who has appreciated the support of the board of directors of the Academy of the changes that reality forces to take with the ceremony. “I will do the monologue, and it will be related to the place where it is held, very surprising.”

His co-worker, María Casado, director of the Soho theater television production company, explained the event further: “We have worked on all the formats as events changed. Finally it will be a short gala, a television show, with the idea that we also pay tribute to the people who make films behind the cameras.

There will be performances, because we want the music to sound live. The Soho Theater’s Pop Symphony Orchestra will participate in the gala, along with other artists ”. And of them he only announced the presence of Aitana and Vanesa Martín. Banderas understands that they are very special Goya: “I will not push for it to be an exciting gala, because it will already be.

Many companions – most of them not famous – have left before their time. The movie industry is more than red carpets, and this year we want to highlight that. The ceremony will show who we really are in the cinema; Today, all cinema workers are essential, and the industry feeds many families ”.

Even so, he stressed: “Every day things change, and we fight to sneak through the cracks that reality leaves. We hope that the Goya will serve as the beginning of a mental recovery, because, obviously, we are all exhausted ”.

For his part, Mariano Barroso has given more details. “We will issue greetings from international colleagues, in support of our cinematography.” To which Banderas added: “It has been wonderful to see how people have responded from all over the world.” In addition, there will be moments of remembrance for Berlanga and Ángela Molina will receive the honor award on stage.

Regarding the future of audiovisual, María Casado, president of the Television Academy, explained that there are negotiations that will soon be announced on joint acts between the institution of cinema and television, in a year in which the audiovisual It has seen formats and places of consumption merged.

Adú, by Salvador Calvo (13 nominations); Akelarre , by Pablo Agüero (9 nominations); Girls, by Pilar Palomero (9 nominations), and Rosa’s Wedding, by Icíar Bollaín (8 selections), are films with the highest number of nominations for the 35th Goya Awards.

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