October 16, 2021

Rigoberta Bandini Said Why Can’t My Song Be Played At Mercadona

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In the only concert that Rigoberta Bandini, that is, Paula Ribó, could give in all of 2020, a recital to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Heliogàbal hall in Barcelona, ​​whose tickets were priced at Beyoncé level , the singer was so moved that, reaching the climax of his song Fiesta , he just forgot the phrase that everyone remembers when he hears that great song for the first time, the one that says: “No one will ever be able to give up an almond Magnum.”

Then she did what any diva would do, offered the microphone to the audience and they chanted the verse as if they were in a crowded room from before and not in a neat public garden with separate chairs.

That cut, which he composed in full confinement, is of all those he has recorded with the name of Rigoberta Bandini the one that has a more obvious recipient. “You will be born in a present in which the world is a gift,” Paula sings to her son Nico, who came into the world two months after the song.

The two projects, Nico and Rigoberta’s songs, had parallel gestations, explains their mother, Paula Ribó, a 30-year-old from Barcelona who is also a playwright, writer (she published a novel close to self-fiction entitled Vertigo ) and actress dubbing since childhood.

His is the voice of the cartoon Caillou in Spirited Away and Emma Stone, Shailene Woodley and the two Fanning sisters in many series and films. Ribó, who has also been in two bands, The Mamzelles and The Kardoshians, began a few months before the pandemic to compose very particular songs, daughter songs of Mecano, Robyn and Franco Battiato (that is, songs that show that you can dance and be sad at the same time) that they started having lyrics in English until his partner, Esteban Navarro, half of the comic duo Venga Monjas and now a collaborator with Ribó, suggested that they would have more force in Spanish.

“I was very angry to admit that he was right.” Finally, some of them stayed halfway, in a bilingual Hispano-English that doesn’t have much to do with Electro-Latin. One day, he went to create a folder on his computer for all those issues that were sprouting up and he got a name from who knows where: Rigoberta Bandini. I already had an alter ego.

The most famous of them all has given rise to memes and reinterpretations: In Spain we call it loneliness . Ada Colau and C. Tangana like her (both have recommended her) and, like her other bilingual hit, Too many drugs , which appears on the series Veneno, has such potential to triumph among the general public that it could sound in Mercadona.

He would like? “Sure. If the song is liked and I have made it since freedom, why not? In Spain … it might sound at Mercadona, but it came out of my pussy. As long as I get out of there, I don’t find it negative at all. I like Mocedades, Daft Punk and Gigi d’Agostino, so I don’t feel like any gender. My genre is emotion, and to get people excited I don’t care about making you heavy metal than bossa nova ”.

In the concerts that she hopes to continue giving, if the Pfizer vaccine facilitates it, she will dress the same as she did in that gig in Barcelona, ​​with her Teresianas schoolgirl uniform on Ganduxer Street, the same one she was wearing when her period came when he gave his first kiss.

“I have a love / hate relationship with him. For many years when I wanted to be a punk, I hated to belong to that, to go with that uniform on the street. Now that I am 30 years old I have overcome that of hating where you come from and I have reconciled. I think you also have to embrace it.

She has that ‘look, the Teresian cock’ thing. I carried that trauma. I was born in a certain social context but that is not why I am going to devalue my art. In the end, I’m going to play with it: look, the Teresianas’ posh is coming to make you a concert ”.

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