July 24, 2021

Twelve Good Jams To Brighten Up Any Toast

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We all hate getting up early to work. Apart from those two or three who claim to be “their own bosses” and who put movement tickets on LinkedIn, it takes the rest of us two lives to leave the Nordic. But the climb to that morning ordeal is lighter as soon as you remember that you have a jar of jam in the fridge: a good kind of jam, the kind that seems homemade, with pure fruit flavor.

That’s when all the sheets are left over and you throw yourself on toast, yogurt or cheese like Mireia Belmonte in the pool. And what would become of us without those moderate morning joys.

In this healthy desire that we have in El Comidista to want to help, we have brought together a conclave of jams to recommend their favorite brands. Professional pastry chefs, gastronomic journalists and owners of specialized stores, learned people in the world of this sweet product, have made a selection of 12 good jams.

The compilation includes both large producers and some more homemade ones, but we guarantee that they all make these preserves with the same objective: to make us want to live every day.

Fig jam, by Can Bech
We start this list with the jam that has been consumed the most in recent years by the emperor Mikel López Iturriaga . “I like it because you don’t need much more than a teaspoon for its flavor – fig, not sugar – to fill a whole toast, and it also works as an accompaniment to cheese or yogurt,” advises Mikel.

Can Bech is a family business in the Empordà region of Girona that began packing candied figs in its Fontar restaurant in the eighties, “and they were so successful that they ended up becoming producers of jams and preserves,” says López Iturriaga. Price : in online stores such as Deliberry , the 290 g bottle is 4.16 euros.

Peach jam, from La Vieja Fábrica
Bea Roque, creator of the kitchen website El Rincón de Bea , bets on a classic in the marmalade world: La Vieja Fábrica . Of all the extensive catalog that this company from Morón de la Frontera (Seville) has, Bea assures that she stays with the peach with chunks.

“I love its texture and how square and perfect the chunks are. It is the one I always use for my peach desserts ”. Price : This is possibly one of the easiest to find on the entire list. In supermarkets such as Carrefour , for example, they sell a 350 g jar of this jam for 1.99 euros.

Mirabelle jam, by Rosabeles
Estrella Justo is the owner of Ego Galego , a store specialized in, obviously, Galician products. As a lover and specialist of the gastronomy of this land, he knows one of its fruit treasures well: the mirabelle, a first cousin -on his father’s side- of the plum, which is only grown in this region.

“People who like apricot, peach and plum jams will find this one of their favorites. It is very fine, it has a somewhat special flavor ”, says Estrella, who adds that“ it is perfect to eat alone, with yogurt, or to use in desserts ”. Price : in the Ego Galego online store you can buy a 210 g jar of mirabelle jam for 4.95 euros.

L emon curd , of Tiptree
We get out of the jams a bit with the choice of Chantal Amorós, pastry chef and “owner and mistress of two farmhouses: Mamachicha.es and @chichayeye “, as she defines herself. The lemon curd is a cream lemon-hence it from lemon , clear- containing egg, a relative of the jam guiri that Chantal seems “much more interesting and complete.”

If you have to opt for a company that develop, Amoros spread on your toast choose the lemon curd of Tiptree , because ” it is acid and silky, a delight”. Price : a 340 g jar costs 5.90 euros at El Corte Inglés .

Pear and chocolate jam, from La Vestale
We continue with the family members who have to put up with the jam in their Christmas Eve meals -or whatever fruit preserves celebrate-, because the comidister editor Mònica Escudero recommends a jam: “It took me a lot to decide on just one of the jams from La Vestale, and surely the same will happen to you as soon as you sink your teeth into them.

This one in particular, which also has some NocillaDeluxe due to its chocolatey flavor, although it does not have unknown ingredients, uses first-rate Peruvian cocoa and has an addictive acidity point ”, says the comidister editor . Other flavors that Escudero encourages you to try are tomato and red onion and rosemary, which he promises that “they are here to put a flat in the Raval”, the neighborhood where La Vestale is based.Price : you can buy the 210 g jar at La Vestale’s online store for 5.50 euros.

Raspberry and Blueberry Jams Intense by Bonne Maman
Like good camels, Chantal Amorós, a pastry chef, consumes almost no sugar. When it is made in jam format, it states that it is to accompany cheese or foie gras and that it draws on classics like Bonne Maman: “This brand launched a range with considerably less sugar some time ago.

I love the raspberry or the blueberry one, they are quite acidic and are perfectly cool with intense raw goat’s milk cheeses, ”says Chantal. Price : at Carrefour , 335 g jars of blueberry jam from the Intense line cost 3.45 euros. The raspberry in the same format, in Hipercor is also sold for 3.45 euros.

Elderberry jam, from Carabuñas
We return to the marmalade territory, although Estrella Justo has decided to choose a somewhat particular flavor: “This organic jam is made with the elderberry, a fruit that cannot be eaten raw, it is even toxic, but once processed it is delicious. Its flavor is unmistakable, with a characteristic acid touch ”.

The Orensana brand Carabuñas makes many other products from this fruit such as beer or infusions, so don’t worry: you won’t get intoxicated by eating a Clesa yogurt with this jam. Price : on the Carabuñas website they sell 180 g of this jam for 4.50 euros.

Yuzu jam, from El Club del Gourmet
Yuzu is a citrus native to the East and one of the addictions of Pamela Rodríguez , founder of the Uno de Dos recipe page . For this reason, when he saw a jam made of this fruit in the corridors of El Corte Inglés, he didn’t even think about it: “I didn’t hesitate for a second.

Although its first ingredient is sugar, it is not sweet, on the contrary, the citrus fruit is perfectly noticeable and it has bits of skin; it is semi-acid ”. The texture is the only downside that Pamela puts on it, which would make it “somewhat lighter”, but she admits that otherwise she loves this product. Price : in El Corte Inglés the 220 g jar costs 4.50 euros.

Apricot jam with miso, from La Madre de Miren
“At my parents’ house you hardly bought jam, because it was made homemade in industrial quantities when the fruit in question was in season. That is, ripe and sweet. The ones from La Madre de Miren, made by the Navarra based in Barcelona Miren Pascual, transport me to that past, because they bet on the same method to avoid the abuse of sugar ”, Mikel López Iturriaga praises, and there is no better gastronomic compliment to say that something reminds you of home.

This firm also adds a point of innovation to its creations, as evidenced by the incorporation of miso into an apricot jam. “This is one of my favorites. They are cheap? No. Are they exquisite? Yes ”, concludes the foodie sultan. Price : if you enter the page of Miren’s mother, you can get the jar from 180 g to 5 euros.

Apple and cinnamon jam, from Las Doñas
Mikel’s last choice is an apple jam. Yes, apple, but this is not one that bores the taste buds: “When you try the one from Las Doñas you discover that with this fruit you can also do wonders in this field. Cinnamon and lemon enliven the show, and once again the restraint with the use of sugar is appreciated ”, explains López Iturriaga.

If you still do not follow Mikel and Eva’s passes, the Andalusian canning company Las Doñas offers other variants: “The one with red fruits, the tomato or even the orange one – if you are one of those beings from another planet who like it – they are just as convincing ”, recommends the foodie gyrfalcon. Price : on the Amaiketako website , the 265 g jar for 5 euros.

Jam without chunks, by Hero
Sometimes Bea Roque likes small pieces in jams and sometimes not so much. For the toasts, for example, he prefers not to find any bumps, so he opts for the Hero line that is 100% free of fruit fistros: “The only one that I have managed to like -and not the same as always, because I am diabetic- is the one of Hero. It’s hard to find, but it whines me.

As for flavors, I am quite basic: peach, apricot, bitter orange, green plum … ”, says Bea. If you are anti-mermeladic fragments , this is your option. Price : in the Hero store they sell 350 g for 1.95 euros.

Jam of various flavors, from Terra de Baronceli
” Terra de Baronceli has many flavors and they are all tremendous, they are organic and their texture is more solid or liquid depending on the fruit,” says Estrella Justo from Ego Galego.

If you have to highlight some, Estrella recommends the lemon one, “because the contrast of citrus and agave is sublime”; red grape, which warns that “it is not for everyone, because it is not very sweet and you find pieces of the seeds”; chestnut, “an exquisite cream and a pleasure for lovers of this fruit”; and the orange and chocolate one, “a classic that is sold especially in winter, halfway between jam and dessert.” Price : on the website Delicias Artesanas there are cans of 200 g to 3.50 euros.

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