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A 2GW OF Renewable Energy in China marks a milestone for Apple towards its carbon-neutral goal

ByAmanda Holden

May 25, 2021

Apple has worked resiliently to ensure its suppliers based in China transition to renewable energy. Such a transition would also help achieve the carbon-neutral goal that it plans to bit by 2030. It is a step closer to that target following the 2 gigawatts online renewable energy in the country. Its efforts are encouraged by the results once it surpasses the mark. For instance, it would mean less carbon dioxide emissions in China. We are talking about 4 million tons of emissions every year, carbon dioxide to be specific, which is almost 1 million cars emit annually.

The company made a promising announcement last year July, stating that if things go according to its wishes, it would like to be carbon neutral by 2030. No sector of its business was exceptional, including the product life cycle and the manufacturing supply chain. That’s achievable since it has already done so as far as its corporate operations globally are concerned.  As for the pending area, its worldwide manufacturing supply chain, it is also taking measures that are putting them closer and closer to the carbon-neutral goal. For instance, its number of suppliers shifting to renewable energy has increased significantly.

According to its CEO, Tim Cook, the company is committed to giving a hand. That’s in the journey towards a green future by advancing the transition. Protecting Earth is yet another one of Apple’s commitments. Consequently, it is accelerating its efforts that revolve around clean energy. Tim Cook said all that via Sina Weibo, a China platform that’s no different from Twitter. He also added that Apple’s efforts to protect the available resources that are in high demand, no doubt, will continue. He acknowledged that the protection is urgent.

In a statement released by Apple, 15 suppliers from China have become part of its renewable energy program since July last year. The efforts are indisputable since they have transitioned 100% to using renewable energy for the program. The names were excluded in the statement, but the names of their suppliers are not a secret. According to analytics by Bloomberg, some of them include Shenzhen Desay Battery, Lens Technology, and GoerTek. Taiwanese manufacturers comprising the country’s foremost Apple suppliers include TSMC, Quanta Computer, Pegatron, and Hon Hai Precision Industry.

The efforts Apple has made over the years are paying off. An excellent is the 2018 China Clean Energy. It aimed to assist its suppliers in China with access to clean energy, although limited. In collaboration with 10 of its Chinese suppliers, Apple committed to investing almost $300 million. The money would go towards the development of clean energy projects in China.