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Amazon will be rolling out its first renewable energy project in Singapore

ByAmanda Holden

Apr 21, 2021

Amazon revealed its plan of securing its first renewable energy project in Singapore from Sunseap Group. The company decided to explore this technology to motivate the other utilities to also focus on this path. Amazon will generate 62 megawatts of clean energy from this project when Sunseap finalizes its JTC’s SolarLand project.

The project’s completion and its operationalization will actualize 80GWh of clean energy from the plant per annum. The project is worthwhile, considering that Sunseap will be establishing a solar energy system on about 40 acres of vacant land in Singapore. Moreover, the system is breathtaking because it will be flexible for adjustment to trap more solar radiation when the weather changes.

The completion of this project will establish the most extensive mobile solar energy system in Singapore. Additionally, the system has advantages since it can be adjusted or shifted when the temporary land that it is inhabiting is needed for other operations. This feature is crucial because Singapore has limited land from which it is expected to do various operations to benefit its citizens.

Amazon announced that this project would help the company’s facilities in the country achieve the transition to 100% renewable energy by the end of this decade. The company added that this goal would be achievable in a short time to ensure that its utilities enjoy a renewable energy supply for them to run efficiently. The co-founder and chief of Sunseap Group, Lawrence Wu, stated that they are excited to partner with Amazon on this project and help the technology company achieve its desire to operate entirely on clean energy.

Wu explained that they are amazed that they could link up with JTC on the SolarLand Phase 3 project to ensure that the temporarily vacant land is put to the country’s best use. He praised their company for proving that they can run rooftop installations in the country and that they are delighted to replicate their prowess for systems erected directly on the land. Furthermore, Amazon has other similar projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region in countries like Australia and China.

The company executives stated that if this project becomes operational in these countries, they will reap over 900GWh of renewable energy that they would be pumped to the local electricity grids in Asia. Although the company has established itself in this sector, it still states that it is trying to emulate other global entities’ footsteps ahead of it, like Google and Microsoft.