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Regulators think that power distributors must explore renewable energy to achieve the targets for the next decade

ByAmanda Holden

Sep 8, 2021

Energy experts stated that energy utilities must venture into renewable energy sources for the Philippines to become a hub for clean energy as projected in the plan outlined for 2040. A National Renewable Energy Board (NREB) official added that the quota set for the renewable portfolio standards (RPS) program must be accumulated to 2.52% to be effective as planned. The Department of Energy hopes that the renewable energy shares in the energy mix can grow to 37.3% by the end of this decade before they can proceed to the target of over 50% by 2040. These figures have been clearly stated in the draft developed to implement the National Renewable Energy Program (NREP).

The chief of NREB, Monalisa C. Dimalanta, articulated that the Department of Energy held a public consultation last week concerning the draft’s development for the two-decades National Renewable Energy Program. She emphasized that it would be difficult to achieve the energy sector’s set targets if they did not adjust the RPS level. Moreover, increasing the RPS level would open the industry for various renewable energy sources to be explored through this decade. The RPS program will enable the distribution utilities to venture into plausible renewable energy projects to meet the grid’s specifications to offer to the consumers.

Ms. Dimalanta explained that the Department of Energy and NREB must replan their RPS quota rates to make them achievable within the scheduled timeframe. The RPS level must surpass 2.5% for renewable energy shares to grow to the projected level. She enumerated that the NREB has the potential to make the projects successful by implementing various energy strategies. Some of the areas of focus that they can adjust to make energy affordable include optimization of energy security and environmental sustainability. Other programs that can be employed for sustainability include RPS and green energy auction.

Voluntary programs like net-metering programs and the green energy option program can also play a significant role in transforming the energy mix towards the energy plan. Renewable energy can be integrated into both the grid and off-grid versions to achieve the transition to clean energy. Angelica Y. Yang stated that the future is formidable, but it requires all stakeholders to play their role in this plan for it to be effective. Finally, these technologies can help the country achieve its climate change mitigation strategies within the allocated timeframe.