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The Electric Future: Why EV Stocks Will Continue to Rise In 2021

ByAmanda Holden

Oct 2, 2021

Although the electric vehicle (EV) boom has been rising for years, 2021 may be the year that electric vehicles begin to take over the world. And, when some of the biggest players have already jumped on board, that might happen even earlier than most people know. Amazon has begun making a delivery in Los Angeles using electric vans after agreeing to buy 100,000 vans from Electric Vehicle startup Rivian. The USPS (United States Postal Service) also signed a multibillion-dollar deal with Oshkosh Defense to manufacture thousands of electric postal trucks over a 10-year period. United Airlines has just set a record-breaking $1 billion order for a fleet of the electric air taxis with EV maker Archer.

Ford plans to increase its expenditure in electric vehicles to $22 billion as well as release an electric variant of the Mustang and F-150, the most common vehicles in the United States. The ID.4, Volkswagen’s electric crossover for 2021, is being billed as “the most significant modern Volkswagen launch since the Beetle.” General Motors has also stated that they would cease producing gas-powered cars entirely by 2035. Biden has also unveiled proposals to convert all government fleet cars to electric vehicles.

EV businesses have also seen massive improvements in 2020 as a result of the electric transition. Workhorse, an electric van startup, saw a 551 percent increase in sales. Tesla’s stock has increased by 740 percent. Last year, Blink Charging saw impressive improvements of 1,740 percent. Many buyers are already waiting for the next big trend in the electric vehicle industry.

And one Canadian EV-related firm has been slowly increasing in popularity over the last year. Facedrive (TSXV: FD, OTC: FDVRF) has been purchasing core parts left and right, incorporating them into their electric ecosystem in addition to their iconic ridesharing business. They’ve taken the EV revolution into grocery distribution, auto subscriptions, and more of these acquisitions. This is why their stock has increased by 969 percent in the last year. Facedrive’s market could take off in 2021 now that the government has confirmed a big investment in their technology.

Here are three examples of why you should care about Facedrive:

1 – Electric Vehicles in the Gig Economy

Many of the most recent major EV headlines have emerged from manufacturers releasing new vehicles or businesses focusing on infrastructure growth. Facedrive, on the other hand, is pursuing a new path. Instead, they’re repurposing some automakers’ existing vehicles to build a whole EV-related ecosystem. Similarly, Uber’s $96 billion company was founded on the backs of vehicles that were never made, purchased, or sold. Facedrive (TSXV: FD, OTC: FDVRF) links consumers searching for a lift while still being environmentally conscious.

2 – The Standard Model Is Being Reinvented

There’s no denying that electric vehicles’ market appetite is increasing, as the movement has expanded from Europe and Asia to North America. Almost three out of four younger customers claim they are ready to spend more on an electric car. However, thanks to Facedrive’s purchase of Steer, you will reap the rewards without incurring a significant upfront expense. Facedrive recently purchased the EV subscription business from the United States’ biggest renewable energy producer to change people’s perceptions of electric vehicles. Steer has turned the conventional vehicle ownership paradigm on its head by combining the Netflix streaming model with the EV boom.

3. Taking on the Most Difficult Tasks

Though Facedrive (TSXV: FD, OTC: FDVRF) has been working hard to get electric vehicles (EVs) into the market in innovative ways, they’ve also discovered a way to assist with a problem we’ve all been dealing with over the past year. It’s intended to support people who don’t have mobile phones to get notified if they come into touch with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. This is fantastic news for those who serve in classrooms, airports, mines, long-term care centers, among other similar settings. As companies work to open securely and wisely, demand for TraceSCAN has increased in recent months.